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Taking All the Pieces and Putting Them Together - Personalized

There are several factors when considering retirement. Information for these variables may be scattered and out of place, in some cases not considered. We will help you Identify, Gather and Organize information into a Personalized Plan while Providing the Tools and Expertise to keep you on track.

Have you identified and put together the important pieces?

Without the pieces in the right place, you may lack a clear picture of the retirement and may unnecessarily prolong your working years.

*Only 22% of workers are very confident they will have enough money at retirement

**33% of Americans do not have a Financial Plan

**58% of Americans believe their Financial Planning efforts need improvement 

*Source: Employee Benefit Research institutions 25th annual "retirement conference survey"

**Source: CNBC, Anna Robaton, April 29, 2015

Working with Fidelity Investments gives Greenshields Captial LLC access to a wide range of products and services that can help us serve the needs of our clients.  

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